playing in the middle of the night...

It appears that my daughter is waking up and playing and then going back to bed.  Every morning her room looks messier then when she went to bed the night before!  :(  I AM GOING nuts trying to get her to clean her room.  I think we have to go through it and get rid of things... she has too much!!!

Anyone have this problem??  


We did. When the boys were little they had TOO MUCH STUFF! It's my Mom's fault, really. She loves them and wants to give them the world. Bless her heart!

Well, we did have to go through and get rid of stuff. It was hard and we did it a couple of times a year. That does help.

:) Happy Day!

We've had this happen a few times as well...Our son is a night owl and will just wake up and play in his bed...We don't usually catch it, as he is quiet. I'm a new follower from the blog hop! Would love to be followed back on facebook!

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