Question for the mama's

So I was readying my email update for 33 weeks pregnant and it said you now may be able to tell the difference in the baby's knee or elbow.  It got me thinking... I really have no idea!!!  I just know he moves a lot!!

How many of you think you know what part of the baby is where or what body part is kicking or hitting you?

I know I feel more intense kicks but I have no idea what body part.  Also, my doctor is not convinced that this little boy is head down yet so I really have no idea.

Just wondering if I am alone on being clueless as to where he is in my belly.  I never knew with my daughter either, but she did not move near as much as this little boy.


I normally figured that Constance was kicking with her feet just because of the position that the doctor said she was in. Buuut I never could actually tell the difference as to what was poking/kicking!
Following you back! It really doesn't matter whether it's a foot or an elbow when it hits you right in the diaphragm!

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