Signs up around town to CHEER on the PACKERS!!

So today I saw a video clip of Tiki Barber interview some Packers on what the G in the logo stands for.  To my surprise it is NOT Green Bay like almost every Packer player guessed.  It actually stands for... drum roll please... "GREATNESS!"  How neat is that!  Go HERE to watch the interviews.

So as I drive around town majority of the businesses have put support messages up to cheer on the Packers.  I love seeing them.

I bet all around the state are many awesome signs out there.  I would love to see more of them.  Here are a few things I have seen.

I also watched this video online of die hard Packer backer.  Click HERE to watch it.  I personally love the car she had and the scarves for the dogs and cat.  LOL 

I know there are a ton more out there and am looking forward to seeing more online!  


**Don't forget if Jennings scores a touchdown you can get a .85 cent Papa burger at A&W on Monday! 


I love your blog it is so cute! I am a new follower I found you over at the blog hop!
noreen said…
Since the Chicago Bears are out of the running, I'm supporting the Packers. I'm not really a football fan and I'll probably only watch bits and pieces of it, but I'm rallying for Green Bay!
Sadly it's hard to get coverage of the Super Bowl in England - but I have fond memories of watching it with my family in Canada years ago! Hope your Green Bay Packers have a great game!
Thank you! Thank you so much for following me back!
KEZ said…
"Go Pack Go" says this Florida girl! I may not live in WI, but I'm a Packers fan through and through! =) So excited for the SuperBowl tomorrow!!!

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