So tired of this...

These are some pictures from last week when we got over a foot of snow!!!  Tomorrow is March 1st and I expect this snow to start to disappear!! I AM SO READY FOR SPRING!

I want to have my baby and then be able to go on long walks to lose the weight!  :)

The only thing that worries me now is the snow melting and freezing creating lots of ice.  I have to be very safe walking to and from the car because it would be very scary to fall being 36 weeks pregnant!  God is protecting me!  :)

Here is the view from my door:


Snow! I have had enough of winter...we just were blessed with 10" on Friday, more yesterday and sleet and freezing rain today. I am so tired of washing floors!

Anyway...Tuesday Train led me to be a new follower of your's. HAGW..Sue

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