Super Bowl: Best play, best commercial, best food!

Yep you know I am all about the GREEN and the GOLD!  I am a proud Packer fan tonight!

Favorite moments during the game include Collins interception with Touchdown.   I loved seeing Jennings score 2 touchdowns ... you know what that means right???  .85 cent Papa Burgers tomorrow at A&W!!!   Looks like lunch is planned for this family!  :)   We are meeting a big group of friends for lunch tomorrow.   Check your A&W to see if it has the same deal.  :)  I also thought Jordy Nelson had some really awesome catches!  :)

I also loved watching the defense come away with 2 interceptions and 1 fumble!  GREAT JOB!!  Rodgers did receive the MVP award but I think the whole team all around did great!

So with that said Steelers congrats on making it to the Super Bowl, but you have to admit the PACKERS played an all around better game tonight!   I will admit that there were a few moments when my stomach was getting a little twisted with nerves.

I never did buy face paint to paint my baby belly.  Bummer!  I did buy a nice shirt for 50% off!  :)  That was much easier then doing the painting.

Best commercial:  The car commercial with the kid dressed as Darth Vader!   How adorable!!!  I think it is so cute for his dad to let him think he has powers!  :)

Worst commercial:  I really really dislike the Go Daddy commercials!  I am a fan of Jillian Michaels but disappointed she is doing Go Daddy commercials!  BLAH!!  I just dislike seeing so much sex advertised!
I also was sad that COKE used strange dragons and other strange fantasy animals rather then the polar bears.  I always liked the polar bears.

Here is my favorite Packer Fan:
We made our own cheese heads!  :) 

 Yummy cookies were my favorite food along with my bowl of chili and bowl of zupa toscana! (not made by me, I tried to use my free Jello molds... it was a flop!  So hard to get out of the mold.)
So what was your favorite play of the game?  Favorite commercial?  Commercial you disliked?  Favorite foods?


mommatojoa said…
HI! I found you through the blog hop!
New follower here!

Please check out my blog and follow back if you'd like!
That is the one & one comm. I got to see! I loved it! I was wranglin' a one year old the whole time :)
& the cookies look amazing! Thanks for following Beckham & Bloom, I'm happy to have you with us!
amygrew said…
So glad you had so much fun watching the super bowl! I loved the Darth Vader commercial too! I also liked the first Doritos commercial. I was pretty funny.

I am visiting from Mingle Monday!
Tractor Mom said…
I loved the Darth Vader commerical too! But I also liked the Go Daddy with Joan Rivers. What make it so funny, was that was her daughter's body! I also liked the Budwiser commerical--they are always funny though!

I'm a new follower...
Sippy Cup Mom said…
Your family is so cute! I loved the Darth Vader commercial! Thanks for linking up with Chickadee!

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