Superbowl WEEKEND!

YOU all know I am a die hard PACKER FAN!!!   I am very excited for the big game Sunday.  My family is blessed to have great friends and we will all be heading over to one of their houses for the big game.  Only bad news is the man of the house will be cheering for the Steelers... I know "what a sin" right??  LOL  He asked me what we should wager if our team loses.  Any good ideas?  My husband said if Packers win we should do one wax strip on his leg.  LOL, but he will  not do that.  What are some good ideas, ideas that are not to humiliating, are free or cheap, and have no risk in hurting anyone??

Its a potluck and my husband is going to make the best soup ever:  Zuppa Toscanan!  It is a sausage, potato, and creamy soup.   Olive Garden makes it so you should go try it.  I am going to make Jello with the molds that I got in the mail, but I never saw a yellow Jello so I could make green and yellow???  I will check another store but I would think they would have lemon???

I was listening to the radio and they asked the question: What is the number 1 food choice for the Superbowl?  I was surprised to hear the answer was a veggie tray.  I was thinking chips n dip, chili, hot dogs, pizza, but veggies!  Don't get me wrong that is great when we live in a country of very obese problems from childhood through adulthood.  GO VEGGIES!  That was a national statistic so I imagine if you got a Wisconsin statistic it would be different!

What are you doing for the Superbowl?  Can someone tell me if Superbowl is one or two words??  I see it both ways???


Max said…
Super Bowl

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