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So my daughter already has a boyfriend at age 3! Cute video! LOL


OH MY GOODNESS!!!! THAT IS STILL THE CUTEST THING EVER!!!!! Isaac is now learning how to say "Se-Se", he loves her too!!! :) lol
Gotta laugh at the nose picking and eating... this video will one day haunt her! LOL

I remember there was a picture of me kissing one of the neighbor boys when I was about 5. I had a mean sister who would tease me non stop about it until I finally ripped the photo. :( I wish I had the photo now! What a bummer.
LOL... yeah i have the same type of picture. My mom made me give my friend Jimmy a Birthday Kiss when i was 3! So there was a picture of that.... still is somewhere! lol

I am sorry I forgot to respond to your question about being a purex insider. They sent me a package a little after Christmas with the Purex Crystals in it and that is all I have gotten. Not sure if it will be a one time thing or if I will get anything in the future. Hope this helps :)

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