What is up with the movie makers/writers/producers??

I am so disappointed in the movie choices out there in the last couple weeks... or months!

Last week I was thinking of going to a movie with a girlfriend but when we saw the choices in the theater we decided coffee house and shopping would have to do.  The choices were all Rated R and scary type movies.  There were no chick flicks or any other descent movie worth seeing.

Then last night my hubby and I went to a Redbox to rent a movie and again we were disappointed with the choices.  TONS of Rated R movies!  We ended up renting "The Last Airbender" and "Marmaduke."  Both films were very entertaining and clean!  :)  I try to avoid movies with gross violence and swearing but I also try to avoid all the sex!  It has become an increasingly more difficult task to find a movie.

I would love to see some less offensive movies come out soon!  CAN I GET AN AMEN!!!  ??

If you saw a really great movie please recommend it cause I would love to watch some good ones!  


The Loops said…
Amen! I was thinking this same thing. I am feeling the same way about a lot of songs too. There are a lot of perfectly good songs that I feel are ruined by one terrible lyric that I just can't look (er hear) past.
I don't think we should try to get past it. As a Christian women I want to be careful what I let my eyes see and ears hear. Music can be bad I usually keep the stations on the Christian station!
DramaMama said…
Have you seen Letters to Juliet? It's a chick flick and I thought it was really good!
Yes I have seen Letter to Juliet! I liked that one too!

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