Who is having the cravings in this pregnancy???

 Look at all the cream cheese he put on that bagel!!!!  LOL 

So have any of you heard of couvade syndrome???  

"Strange as it may seem, some fathers-to-be experience pregnancy symptoms like nausea, indigestion, appetite changes, weight gain, constipation, headaches and those crazy mood swings.
Called couvade or couvade syndrome (from the French word couver, meaning “to hatch”), these are essentially “sympathetic pregnancy” symptoms that can seem very real. Some studies suggest that about 20 percent of expectant fathers experience some degree of couvade — and other researchers report an even higher percentage."

I for one believe this is true in my hubby's case.  Through this pregnancy he has complained of back aches and not sleeping well, he gained a lot of weight my first trimester...so much that he got stretch marks, he has some very strange moods, and then this new one of very strange cravings.  I think he had more cream cheese then bagel!  The other day he also made a peanut butter and cheese-it sandwich!  LOL!!!  

Any other mama's notice strange behavior in their husband when pregnant?  


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mimilovesall8 said…
funny story!
I just followed you and would love a follow back.
Thanks, http://mimilovesall8.blogspot.com
BK said…
Sympathy cravings always crack me up lol. Hopping in off the train. HOpe you have a very Happy Tuesday. Following.



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