Winter Camp!

Well, we made it home safe!  I am so sleepy so this is going to be short and sweet because I am going to go take a long soak in a bubble bath!  :)

Winter camp was a lot of fun by all our teens...and us leaders too.   We had a total of 25 kids/leaders go to winter camp this year.

The theme was "Stand" and we looked at the story of ShadrachMeshach and Abednego along with discussing God's armour.  What a great n powerful story to encourage our students to Stand on the WORD of Truth and not let the world tell them how to live.  
(I will go in more detail tomorrow.)

I think Friday night I may have slept 4 hours if I am lucky, but last night I did sleep a good 5 hours.  Tonight I plan on sleeping peacefully and hopefully not walking up to go use the bathroom. 

I missed my daughter but she had a fun weekend!  :)  

Have a blessed night everyone!  


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