Winter Camp...prayer requests :)

Well blog followers I will be out of town until Sunday evening!   I will have to write a nice big post on Sunday night to let you hear all about the fun we had with our Fuse youth group at winter camp.  :)  Pray for me to stay energized with these teens while being 8 months pregnant!   Also pray for my daughter as she is not coming with and will be with Pastor and his wife.  She is actually very excited and has been waiting to play with the 3 dogs they have.  She wont miss me at all but I know I will miss her.... I always do.  Also pray for God to do a mighty work in all of our lives there.  I know God has huge plans for each student who is going so please lift them all up in prayer!  Also for the safety of everyone too as every year they play broom ball, tubing, skating, etc etc!

Waiting and expecting to see GOD MOVE this weekend!  YAYAY!!!!  So excited!

Have a great weekend!


Hi-I"m a new follower from the blog hop--I love your pictures up top! Janae

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