Wisconsin Weather... never know what to expect!

This week we were blessed with a few 50 degree days.  I loved not wearing a heavy coat and hat and gloves.  It was also so nice to not have to bundle my daughter up so much.  She even caught on to the warmer weather because she dug out her swimsuite and changed into it while I was mopping the kitchen floor.  It was adorable... and then she said she is excited for summer so she can wear her dresses every day.  She is my girly girl.

On Friday the weather changed and the wind came rushing back in to give us a chill.  Guess what we are expecting tomorrow through Monday???  8-13 inches of snow!  Our weather is so bipolar!  I really think it wants to be spring but then winter comes fighting back.  Its like a movie on war... WAR of the SEASONS!

On a neat note we got a notice in the mail to renew our season pass to the water park!  I am so excited for summer!!!  We had a great time at the water park last year.  This year may be a bit of a challenge with a 3 year old and newborn but we will make it work!  Swimming lessons are in store for my daughter to get her better prepared to be more independent.  I am sure I will be shouting for her to not go out so deep but we will have fun and lifeguards are there for a reason.


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