You know your 8 months pregnant when...

You know you are 8 months pregnant when:

1. You have difficulties using your laptop on your lap.
2. You drop something and try to pick it up with your toes instead of bending down.
3. You ask your husband to put your shoes and socks on.
4. You become out of breath just doing normal everyday things.
5. You pretend you don't see something on the floor that needs to be picked up.
6. You can't reach the bottom of the washing machine to get the clothes out.... seriously I cant!
7. You can no longer reach up high to get or put dishes away.... yep I am short!
8. Your husband keeps warning you to be careful of ice when walking.
9. Your 3 year old daughter keeps asking when her brother's birthday is... she is eager.
10. You have difficulties getting up out of a chair, bed,  or floor!
11. A stranger thinks you are due any day and when you tell her you are only 33 weeks she responds with "are you having twins?"
12. You go to the DMV for a new drivers license and do not change the weight!
13.  You look in the mirror and get scared of the cheeks as they are protruding out!  Darn water weight!!
14. Your awesome husband keeps saying "your not fat, your pregnant!"
15. You look in the mirror and wonder whose breasts you have... and then wonder what will happen when the milk comes in.  LOL

So Mama's what am I missing?  What did you do when you were HUGE and uncomfortable?


Mrs G said…
I am now following you back from the blog hop. I miss being pregnant.
I didn't know if you'd subscribed to the comments so I thought I'd come here to answer your question...they were all requests made from previous undeserving prayers post. No I don't personally know anyone from the list other the two made by me :)
Had to laugh a bit. Just had my 2nd back in December-I remember all of that all too well!

New follower from Welcome Weds!

God Bless,
MelissaAggie98 said…
Oh boy, did this list bring back some memories! Hang in're almost there! :)

Thanks so much for dropping by the Be-Bop-A Blog Hop! I'm a follower and I hope you'll stop by again soon! Have a great day! :)
Ha ha ha!!! Love it! It's all so, so true :)

Thanks for following, and I'm following you back!

Michelle :)
Poe said…
Awe, cute list!
New follower from the Blog Hop.
Please stop by and say hello!

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