37 Weeks: Pregnancy UPDATE

You know in the last week I have had more people/strangers approach me and ask me when I am due.  Most of the people will say something funny like "due at what 6pm tonight"  or "due yesterday"  "I bet you are due any day now."  Strange thing is I am not due till March 28th.  Last night at Olive Garden I had so many people do a double take when they saw me.  I'm not sure if it was me being sensitive but I felt like all eyes on me.  Not a good or a bad thing just noticed it.  Maybe it was the dress I was wearing... my pastor did  say to me when I wore it a few weeks ago "the 70's are calling and they want their dress back."  LOL it is a very comfortable dress and I love not having to wear jeans... leggings = more comfort!  :) 

So what did the Doctor say today?
We did not check if I was dilated or effaced today but she said we could next week if I don't have baby before then.  Baby's heartbeat was 139!  I did not gain any weight this last week so that is nice to hear!  Doc said my sugar in my urine was a bit elevated today but I think I will blame that on the raspberry lemonade I had at the Olive Garden, and the 2 glasses of apple juice I had yesterday.  (I also ate some of the robin eggs... Easter candy.)  So she advised me to be more careful with my food choices!  She said I am all in the clear to have the baby any day with no worries.  She said full term is considered 38 weeks but 37 is safe and normal.  :)  Have I mentioned that I am ready??  Doctor also told me that she wanted my contractions to be 5 minutes apart for at least an hour before I go to the hospital.  This is new to me because with my daughter my water broke and that was obvious a time to head to the hospital.  Not sure if I want the same experience where my water breaks or if i do the whole contraction timing!  All morning yesterday it was consistent with 20 minutes apart but after I woke from my nap they were gone.   


Very exciting. I hope your labor and delivery go easy.

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Morela said…
Hi I'm a new follower from MFM. With my daughter my water broke and I never got contractions. They didn't wait more that 24 hours after that though and had an emergency c-section. She was 10 days early. I will keep you in my prayers.

Yeah! Seems like the baby is sitting high. I think that may be why people are staring.

You go girl!

:) Janet

You think I'm carrying high?? I think I carried my daughter higher as I felt more discomfort in my rib cage with her. Some people think I have dropped but I am not convinced yet either.

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