92% of U.S. Toddlers Have Online Presence [STUDY]

What are your thoughts on this article??? I have pictures up of my daughter, I have pictures up of my ultrasound. I like sharing them!!

Click the link but come and tell me what you think! :)

92% of U.S. Toddlers Have Online Presence [STUDY]


I don't have any family near me so the internet is the primary way II share my pictures. I wish I had more stories and pictures from my childhood--anywhere! Though, especially as my kids get older, I think I'll be a little more careful about what I say. Janae
I love genealogy and family history so for me, the idea of having a recorded history is wonderful. I imagine those in my family that come 100 years from now being able to read my words and getting to know me. However, when my grandchild was born, we were very very careful about what information we posted about him. I've heard of individuals out there that seek out information on babies to be used for identify theft.
Kathryn said…
Found you via the blog hop. Very interesting post/link. I think there are pros and cons of both.

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