Activities to do with the kiddos...

If you are like me you are ready for the warm air to come and the snow to disappear so we can head to the park, zoo, waterpark, pool!!!

Since winter seems to want to hang on I thought I would make a list of ideas that would help us mothers who need to get the kids doing something!

1. Play-doh or clay!  I love letting my daughter use her imagination but now that she is getting a bit older it is time to get more creative and have her making shapes or using a tool to write letters.

2. Finger paint!  If you child is still in the stage of putting things in their mouth make pudding or frosting and let them have a ball.  If your child is a bit older let them mix colors to see new colors made.  Again for the preschool and school aged you can have them practice letters  and shapes.

3.  Water Color painting!  For those that are just not ready for the messy clean up of finger painting.

4. Shaving Cream fun!  My 3 year old loves using shaving cream.  Again we have fun, make shapes, write letters. :)

5. Bubbles... yes bubbles can be done indoors if you don't mind.  Our Dollar Store has bubbles in a 3 pack each with a different scent so it can be fun making bubbles and smelling to guess the scent.

6. Worship... Dance... Singing PARY!  My daughter loves to do all 3!

7.  BOOKS!  Hit up the library or enjoy some books at home!

8.  BAKE!  There are tons of fun recipes out there to try with the kids.  Healthy, candy, cookies, any many holiday ideas too!

9. Clean up!  Yep, it is time to teach that we can have fun while we clean.

10. DRESS UP... because my little girl is a princess!  Maybe if your child is old enough and you approve put a little lip stick on them!  :)

11. Coloring or markers!  Grab the coloring book, or grab some paper and have them make a card for dad, grandma, grandpa, or any other important person in their life.

12. Bubble bath and bath toys!  My daughter would spend hours in the tub if I let her.  There are also fun bath crayons and ink things you can purchase at many stores.

13. Candy Land, Hungry Hippos, Chutes and Ladders... ETC ETC!  Pick a game and have fun!

14.  Create a puppet show!  My daughter was scared of puppets for awhile but now I think she would have fun playing together as we act out a familiar scene.

15. Paint nails!!  My daughter's favorite thing! :)

16. Build a fort!  Last week we built a special fort and every day since my daughter has been asking to do it again.  She was crying when we took it apart.

17. Go to the Mall play area

18. Practice AWANA verses or any other Bible verses!  :)  GOOD PRACTICE FOR MOM AND DAD TOO!

19. Pick out a movie... I try not to do this too much. Our Family video does free kid rentals... and the library is a good place for free movies too.



Those are all great ideas! I'll have to remember these when my kids whine that they're bored. :)

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Wife on the Roller Coaster
Saw you on Chalkboards to Strollers. Love your pictures. Great ideas, thanks!

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