Today I got my free sample of 3 different flavors of CHEEZ-IT's.

As you can see the 3 new flavors are Colby, Asiago, and Romano.

Here are my reviews.

First I tried the Romano and it was good but both my husband and I thought it tasted like swiss and it gave me a strange after taste.  Romano came in 2nd place.

Next I tried the Colby and that was very good too but it tasted too much like the original flavor.  Since it tasted similar to the original it comes in 3rd place.  This was my daughters favorite but she would not try the others because the color was lighter and did not look like the crackers she is used to eating.

Last I tried the Asiago and that comes in 1st place!!  Both my husband and I agreed!  The flavor was very yummy and strong!  This was the only one that I tried that after I had one I wanted more.  I would have been fine with just the one cracker of the other 2 flavors but the Asiago I wanted more!

Now I have to go vote on Facebook for Asiago in hopes that it will win and be the next new CHEEZ-IT.  They also just came out with a Baby Swiss flavor.  I have not tired that one yet.


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