Did you know?? (Crayola)

As my daughter was coloring the other day I started reading the box on her colored pencil's.  I was pleasantly surprised with the info I read about how Crayola is doing their part to be "green."

Some ways Crayola is going green include:

Powered By The Sun

With the help of 26,000 solar panels that are installed at Crayola headquarters in Easton, Pa., we are powering our factory with electricity made from the sun. On August 5, 2010 the factory was officially "plugged in."

Crayons Made With Solar Power

  • A billion crayons a year will be made using solar power. How will you know? Look for specially marked boxes of Crayola crayons.
  • During the crayon making process any chipped or broken crayons are remelted in the mixer so there is no waste.

Marker Barrels Made With Recycled Plastic

  • Crayola marker barrels and plugs are made with recycled plastic.
  • Plastic scraps from making marker casings are crushed into tiny pellets and put back into the system. There is very little waste.

Colored Pencils Made With Reforested Wood

  • All of the wood used in Crayola colored pencils comes from reforested trees.
  • For every tree used, another of the same kind is planted.
  • We do not use wood from tropical rainforests or endangered species.

They have a video explaining some of the changes they have made and are making.

I thought this was awesome!  So when you are looking for art supplies look for symbol on the package to know it is one of their "green" products.  :)  


Kelly H. said…
Thats neat. I had no idea :)
Hope you have a great weekend!

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