GREAT WALGREENS DEAL... that prints more coupons!

Did any of you print that coupon last week for the Pedia Care?  This weeks ad also had the $5 off for Pedia care.  So Tuesday I used both coupons on the Pedia Care and got it for free and it printed another 1.50 off coupon, so today I went back and grabbed an ad at the door cut  the $5 off coupon and paired it with that making my total 1.13 for another medicine!  :)  It printed another 1.50 off coupons so I gave it to my friend and she went and did the same thing... and it again printed another 1.50 coupon!  :)  So if anyone feels the need to stock up on the Pedia Care this would be a great time to do it. :)  


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