Mama Monday

1. Do you have tattoos?
   Nope, I thought about getting one after my mom passed away.  Glad I didn't!    

2. What are 5 things about you we don't yet know.
-I am not even 5 feet tall
-I like to bake but not cook
-I love to burn candles
-One day I would like to live somewhere without snow
-I dislike rap music!

3. What is your hubby's best quality when it comes to the kiddies?
-His determination to raise them to know Christ.  To find out what gifts God has blessed them with and to encourage them in those areas!  Watching him on the floor playing!  I cant pick one my hubby is a great father!  


~Dawn~ said…
Nice to meet you! I'm visiting from Mama Monday!!

Dawn @ Mom-a-Logues
Anonymous said…
What a wonderful blog you have.
Thank-you for stopping by my blog.
I am following you too.
Have a blessed week.
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