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Meet a mom and hear about giving birth to her daughter! :)

As mentioned last week I will be featuring some mom's and their birthing stories!  I am excited to announce, Stacie, from Love you Always and Forever.  Enjoy the picture and the story... IT'S A GREAT ONE!!!

Addison Marie July 15, 2010 6pm
Weight: 8 Pounds 10 Ounces
Length: 20 Inches
Lots of Blonde Hair

I worked the night of July 14th from 11pm-7am. That night I was losing what I figured was part of my
mucus plug off and on all night. I was also having a few contractions here and there but they were nothing
significant or cause for worry. I was 38 weeks 4 days on Thursday July 15th. That morning like anyother
morning that I worked I finished at 7am and went home to be with the boys while Jason went to work. I
came home and got the boys breakfast and laid down on the couch. I noticed I was more tired that usual so
I fell asleep pretty quick on the couch. At around 10:15am I was awoken to a very painful contraction. I sat
up and breathed through it and decided maybe I should keep track of them if they kept coming. About 20
minutes later I got another one. I texted Jason and told him I was having a few contractions here and there
but at that point they were about 20 minutes apart and lasted around 1 minute or so…maybe not quite that
long. At this point though when the contractions came I had to stop what I was doing and breathe through
them. I decided I should probably get my bag packed just incase this was the real deal, but in the back of
my head I thought maybe they’d pitter out. I honestly was not thinking I was starting active labor. Around
12 the contractions were coming about every 15 minutes and I decided to take a shower and sit in some
warm water in the tub to see if they would keep coming (which meant I was in active labor) or if they
would just go away. While sitting in the tub I got about 5 or 6 good hard contractions. I got out and
continued to pack. I kept timing the contractions and talking to Jason via text message letting him know
what was going on. Around 3pm I was in A LOT of pain. I was trying to finish packing my bag and getting
some stuff around for the boys but with contraction coming every 10 minutes it was getting hard. Poor
Jason, I was in such denial about being in labor that I was telling him my contractions were still coming
every 15 minutes or so. All of a sudden I got a REALLY hard contraction and Aidan said, “Momma, I
think maybe you should call your doctor.” And at the same time, Jason texted me and said, “I think you
should call your doctor.” So I took that as a sign and called and talked to a nurse. She advised me to go up
to triage at the hospital much sooner than later. She said I sounded like I was in distress and needed to get
up there so I didn’t have that baby at home. I told her I would get up there as soon as my husband got
home. He was due home at 4pm. Had I told him to be there sooner he would have but again, I didn’t think I
was so close to having our baby girl. Little did I know I was! So I texted Jason after speaking with the
nurse and told him she said to get to triage but we could go when he got home. At this point however, my
contractions were coming every 2-4 minutes. Not good. At about 3:30pm I texted him and said, “Are you
leaving yet?” And he said he had left and would be home in about 20 minutes. He had no idea what he was
about to walk into. So I continued packing a few things but mostly just standing in one place moaning and
breathing through the contractions and at a few moments crying through them. I have never been in so
much pain. When he walked in the house I was leaning over the bathroom counter moaning through a
contraction and all I hear is him saying, “Stacie we HAVE to go or I will be calling an ambulance and that
is where you will have this baby!” I said, I knew we needed to go but I couldn’t move. I seriously thought I
was going to have Addison at home at this point and so did he. My contractions were coming fast and
furious (2 minutes apart give or take a minute) and we still had a 20 minute drive to the hospital! Finally he
gets me and the boys into the car and up we head. My MIL was going to meet us at the hospital to get the
boys and should be there about the same time we got up there.

The drive to the hospital was crazy and intense with contractions coming every 2 minutes and going over
bumps and stiff in the road; not to mention the traffic and stop lights we had to deal with! Jason called
triage to tell them we were on our way. When we got to the hospital we did the valet parking. The poor guy
that came to my door had a nice surprise when he opened my door! LOL! He said, “Hi how are you
today?” I looked at him and said, “Not good, I am in labor.” He looked at me and for a moment
panicked. “Oh uhhhh, Oh…let me get a wheelchair, hold on a second!” Off he went. He came back with
the wheelchair and helped me into it while Jason got the boys out of the car and our bags. The valet guy
said, “Ok we are going to go this back way it’s faster!” LOL! I felt like a celebrity being pushed into the
hospital through the backdoor so no one would know I was there! HA! So off we went with Jason and the
boys running behind to keep up. We got to the elevators and the poor guy says, “Oh boy I hope these
elevators aren’t as slow as they usually are! He pushed the button for floor 5 and nothing happened. He
kind of laughed. And then pushed it about 10 more times in a row. He was a tad panicked. He looked right
at me and said, “I’ve never delivered a baby before, and I don’t want to start now!” Then as he was saying
that the elevator started going and up we went.

Once we got up to the 5th floor he wheeled me to triage where the nurses were waiting for me. They asked
if I was Stacie, and as I was about to answer I got another hard contraction, guess that answered their
question! LOL! They got me to a bed in triage and the RN and Resident who were there were so nice. The
resident checked me and she couldn’t get a good feel because my bag of water was so low. She guessed me
to be about a 1 or a 2cm. I was disheartened but only for a moment when the RN got in there (I think she
was having a party in there checking me! OUCH!!!) and declared I was at 7cm! MUCH better! They got
the u/s machine in the room very quickly to confirm she was heads down. She was already so engaged that
they couldn’t be 100% sure, but I told them she had been heads down for about 6 weeks so unless she did
some acrobatic tricks in there she still should be. They then asked me if I was going to want an epidural
because if I did now was he time. If my water broke it was over and Addison would be born. I wasn’t going
to get one, but I was exhausted from laboring at home all day long and getting no sleep the night before
from working. I got another hard contraction and yelled, bring me my epi! LOL! Off we ran (Ok walked
really slow and stopped in between contractions to my room across the hall. They got me into a bed and
then the chaos ensued. I swear there were 10-15 people in my room at one time (including the boys who
were so good!!) getting things set up. The nurses had to move quickly, asking me questions, starting an IV
for fluids and other things. In between all of this the contractions were coming fat and furious. Then the Epi
man came and talked to me. He told me he was going to do a type of spinal instead of a full epidural. He
explained to me that it would only last about an hour but it would still numb me like an epi. The spinal was
apparently more dense than an epi so it wouldn’t take as long for it to take effect. And if my labor lasted
longer than an hour they would have that space ready for an epi and just have to hook it up and get me
going that way. I think that was the worst part of being in that bed. Sitting there, while contracting being
told to RELAX your shoulders DURING A CONTRACTION is not what you want to hear. LOL! They
were asking me all of these questions about what I was feeling and where and I think my body was on
sensory overload cause I couldn’t answer his questions to save my life. Finally it was in and I was feeling
some relief. The time was about 5:54 when the epi man left the room and I was feeling pretty good. All of
a sudden I was feeling a lot of pressure down below and what felt like something coming out. I looked at
my nurse and said, “Ummm….I think there is something going on down there. Can you check?” So she and
the resident checked and the nurse says, “Oh sweetie your bag of water is coming out!! I’ll page the
doctor.” What?! LOL! Jason took a look and said, “Wow, it looks like a Ziploc bag full of water!” LOL!
Leave it to Jason LMAO! I wanted to tell him to take a picture of it so I could see but I didn’t want the
nurses to think I was strange! LOL! Anyways, about 30 seconds later the doctor comes running in just like
in the movies out of breath and says, “Why did you just page me and not tell me what was going on!?” The
resident says, “Her water is out and I didn’t know what to do with it!” LOL! The doctor looks and
says, “Oh wow, yes it is! All you need to do is break it and the baby will be here.” So that’s what they did.
She broke my water and said, “Ok on the next contraction go ahead and push. So we sat and waited, and
then I felt pressure and so I pushed. Her head was right there! They told me to push again so I did, and her
head was out! Next thing I knew I hear the doctor say, “You need to get her legs up by her head, the
shoulders are stuck and we need to get this baby out.” The next thing I knew my legs were above my head
and I was being told to push and not stop. I wasn’t panicked but I knew I needed to get her out. So I pushed
really hard and out she came!! She was crying and I was so happy!! My little girl that I had dreamed of for
so long was here and crying and she was perfect! They put her on my chest and we just stared at each other
for the longest time. It was so surreal! We sat there together in the peace and just admired each other. The
doctor was having a hard time with my placenta and getting it to come out. But she waited patiently. At the
half hour mark she decided he needed to just get it out so she pulled it out. It kind of hurt since I was in
there pretty good . But when she got it out I felt a lot better.

Overall my labor and delivery was a wonderful one! I didn’t need any pitocin, I labored at home for a long
time and the labor and delivery was very fast and easy overall. It was an hour from the time I got to the
hospital to when she was born so it was very fast! Since Addie is our last baby it was a perfect way to do

She weighed 8 pounds 10 ounces and was 20 inches long. She was the biggest of all my babies, but I also
went longer in my pregnancy before she was born. She is absolutely perfect and started nursing right away
and is a champ! My milk came in today (7-18-10) and she is doing well. When we left the hospital she was
only down to 8 pounds 3 ounces which was just a 4% decrease in her weight, so she was perfect! We will
go to see the doctor on Monday to check her weight and make sure she isn’t developing jaundice. Both
the boys had jaundice and he looks just a tad yellow, but nothing that I am hoping they worry about at this
point! She eats about every 2 hours right now, so I get a few hours of sleep here and there. I am tired but
doing ok. The boys love her and think she is so wonderful. They can’t get enough of holding her, being by
her and just loving on her. They truly are wonderful big brothers.

I am beyond happy and feel good. I had no tearing so my recovery was very easy and we left the hospital
about 40 hours after she was born. I was ready to get out of there and just be in my own comfy bed (OMG
can hospital beds be anymore uncomfy?!) and in our own environment. I am so much more relaxed this
time around, it is really nice. I can’t believe she is our last baby and that part of my life is done. I am ready
to just enjoy my family however, and watch my kids grow and become wonderful people.

Go visit Stacie at her Blog and let her know how much you loved reading her story!  :)

Love you always & forever


How neat to hear a story! Has anyone else ever heard of your bag of water coming out? How strange and yet interesting!
Tanyia said…
Hi there, I am a new followers from Making Friends Monday, come by and check out my blog :)
Unknown said…
Thanks for letting me tell my story!! It was really fun to go back and read it again and relive it. Seems like it all happened yesterday! It is hard to believe Addie will be 8 months old in a week!!

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