My first baby story...

Well I have asked if anyone wanted to share their birth story on my blog and be guest blogger and I have had a few respond!  :)  YAY!!  So in due time you will get to hear other mom's stories... are you as excited as me??

Before we get to my guests...coming in the future... I want to share my story about my daughter!

Lets start right at the beginning!  My hubby and I got married in June of 2006, I started my full time teaching job in August of 2006 and I thought the goal was to wait on kids but we found out March of 2007 that we were expecting!  I was in shock but very excited at the same time... along with being overly nervous!  When I found out I was pregnant I was already about 8 weeks along, you see I had a very irregular period so I thought it was late because of stress at work.

With my daughter I had a very enjoyable pregnancy with 0 complications!  I only had a teeny tiny bit of morning sickness and threw up only a couple times.  :)  I felt so good because my weight dropped because I did have a low appetite but was not nauseous.  So hear I was in my first trimester in my skinny clothes and feeling fabulous! Eventually I did get my cute belly and enjoyed all the compliments!  Soon school started and we were getting close.  My due date was October 30th which then was moved to October 25th.

September 24th I went to work to teach like any other day and I was excited as I was going to have my work baby shower!  YAY!  Things did not go as planned for the day.  At 3pm I was sitting down and then stood up and as soon as I stood up my water broke!  At first I thought "oh my gosh I just peed my pants!"  After a couple seconds to process what had actually happened I told my educational assistants.  Who were just as shocked as see baby girl was not due for four more weeks. Thankfully one of them said call your doctor and we will call your husband.  The physical therapist... bless her heart looked at me and said "honey you are going to have this baby within 24 hours and you and her will be fine."  Something about those words reassured me that GOD was in control and gave me some peace.   Within minutes my husband was in my classroom helping me out to the car.

We arrived at the hospital with me still in sopping wet clothes...ICKY!!  I was not having contractions and in 0 pain.  I decided to wait to see if my body would start contractions but they really did not start.  At about 8 pm I had to have the pitocin  to get labor to really start.  A couple hours later they gave me a drug... I don't even know what it was but I know I will never ever get it.  I felt DRUNK, and I even told my husband to get out of the room because I did not want him to see me drunk.  LOL!  The only good thing about that drug was I was able to sleep off and on through out the night.  I woke up at about 5am and was hoping to be ready to push but doctors held me off for another hour and a half.  At 7:32 in the morning on a sunny September day my beautiful sweet little girl was born.  She was perfect, she was small at 5 pounds 12 ounces and 18.5 inches but she was healthy.

She is now 3 years old and is very excited to be a big sister.  I am very excited to share my next birth story once baby boy gets here!  ANY DAY NOW ANY DAY!!

Please keep you eye out for my guest bloggers on their personal birth story!  :)


What a great story!! I would love to participate in this! You should make it a linky of some sort:) How fun! Email me if you are still taking participants!
sleatherberry at gmail dot com

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