pee pee teepee

Last night my hubby and I were talking about the difference in changing a girls diaper and a boys diaper.  My husband thinks we should buy the pee pee teepee!!  I had to giggle at him because I just see getting peed on as a right to motherhood!  LOL 


Have any of you mama's used the pee pee teepee?  


I actually got these as a gift when I was pregnant with my first but she turned out to be a girl. I now have a little boy on the way so I'll get to use them. I've heard they don't really work but I'm gonna try them out anyways!
Diane and Chad said…
I just used my hand...those little guys can be really fast!!!
I am following from:
I say just keep a cloth diaper or other rag/towel handy. My little guy was fast too. I'm not 100% sure how the pee pee teepee works other than it covers them while you change them. Is there like a sponge inside or what? Don't you have to remove it when you clean that area anyway? It doesn't happen that often anyway. I would even lay a diaper over him while I cleaned him. Good luck! :)


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