I am a raging lunatic today with my hormones!  No I shouldn't say that, but I had an emotional evening as it seemed everything was making me cry!  My Awana shirt did not fit... tears, tired to trade with my hubby and that just was not working as it looked funny on him... tears, daughter pushing my buttons... tears, seeing my husband get frustrated with my daughter...tears, some other little stress-ors... tears, my house seems messy...tears.  I don't know it was just one of those days that I am ready to be done!  Put a check mark on today... it's done!

ANY PRAYERS WOULD BE GREATLY APPRECIATED and any words of encouragement!



Holly said…
Poor thing! Thinking of you!
eegads! I have enough trouble with PMS hormones! Been through the pregnancy hormones twice and I am just getting too old for hormone swings...and my husband is getting way too unforgiving!

Following from the friday hops! I am a new follower!

Janice said…
I sympathize with you. I was the same months ago when I was pregnant. I've just given birth last Monday. Though everything's just hectic with the new baby, it's great! That stage you're in will pass. Don't worry. :D

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