Purex Crystals!

I am reviewing the PUREX CRYSTALS!  

First thing the smell!  I love both the purple and the blue!  There was no yellow at the store that I purchased but I imagine that one is great too.  

This morning I did my first load using the crystals and my whole apartment smells good!  :)  NICE!!

After taking the clothes out of the dryer I noticed the smell first and the softness second.  I liked both!!  Now I will have to write a follow up after a few days go by and see if the clothes are still soft and smell good!  :)  The other reason I enjoy the crystals is they can be put in the wash right away... no waiting for a certain cycle to be done!  YIPPEE!  That makes doing laundry so much easier and faster! :)   

What makes Purex Crystals different then other fabric softeners??

Should you go out and purchase some Purex Crystals??  YES! YES, YOU SHOULD, at my Walgreens for big bottle (32 loads) the price is $4.99!  GREAT PRICE!  


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