Question for the mom's

How important is it to use laundry detergent that is free and clear, fragrance free for newborns?  I remember using Dreft for my daughter.

Did you use a special detergent?


Savannah said…
it really depends on the baby..we never used anything special and never had problems..even when we bought a detergent that turned out really harsh and we stopped using it because the powder was so strong that we'd be coughing while putting it into machine...some babies may get irritated skin from some detergents but no way to know unless it happens
Kristen said…
I washed all of her clothes in a free and clear liquid before she was born. I still use it as a precaution. My husband told me that he uses the scented stuff when he does the laundry! Ugh..Oh well, she is okay I guess!
Kristen said…
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I did use Dreft. I think now, I would consider making my own. I already make our detergent so I guess I'd google a recipe for a baby!

:) Janet

I did wash all of his clothes in a free and clear but was just thinking I bought more laundry soap but none of it is free and clear.
LaToya said…
We all have sensitive skin in my home and I just don't like have 30 different products because one of the household members is a little one. So I try to find stuff that we can all use. I use Free and Clear everything. But I also use the same soap and lotion for all of us as well.
Russo said…
What a darling blog. I love your content. Happy to follow through the blog hop.

Russo @
Savannah said…
I plan on making my own laundry detergent soon, as soon as the jug we have runs out..I have a friend who used to make her own though and she warned me that borax is harsh, and bugged her son's skin (who has exzema) we'll see how the homemade stuff works with a newborn! there are borax-free recipes out there though I'm pretty sure
Kimberly said…
Dreft never got my boys' things clean (they puked and pooped a lot)

I bought some Name Brand like Tide- the "free and clear" kind.(for me as much as for them- the other makes me itchy)

I make my own now though.
Denise said…
We've only ever used Free and Clear, even before baby. Then my oldest (now 12) had eczema as a baby...I can only imagine how much worse it would be with the scents and additives in regular laundry soap.

Seriously, I love the smell of dreft, but I don't feel good putting my baby in clothes that have been washed in extra chemicals. Their skin is so delicate!!

Now 3 girls total...and we still use Free and Clear. :)

Denise @ Creative Kitchen

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