Thankful Thursday's

Undeserving Grace

What am I praising God for this week:

1. My hubby let me sleep in today.
2. Knowing baby boy will be here soon.
3. Trusting HIM for a good, safe delivery.
4. My daughter being a big helper each day. 
5. The transitions of the Sunday School rooms are completed! 
6. Watching my little girl sing Bible songs!  :)  I have the video on my blog! :) 
8. Fellowship of good friends!  
9.  Fun group of kids at youth group! 
10. LOVE and GRACE from HIM! 


Vicky said…
YOU'VE GOT A LOT GOING ON! It's great to stay positive around all that happy chaos!!

Take care!
Sandy Elliott said…
Great blog post. I'm a new follower from I <3 blogging blog hop. Hope you'll follow me back.
God is good! I said amen several times as I read your list in case you couldn't hear it :) I will pray for that delivery business with you ... trusting God for something beautiful and a healthy miracle joining your family!
Thank you for linking up today I so enjoyed stopping by for the visit :)
{tara} from Undeserving Grace
Shawntele said…
So many things to be thankful for!

I pray that your delivery happens just the way you imagine it will and that your new bundle of joy is healthy. Congratulations!

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