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Time to meet a mom and how she gave birth in a car!!!

It is time to meet LaToya from Christian-Momma blog.  Take some time to visit her and let her know you read her story.  I am wondering if anyone had a similar experience as her???  Did you not make it to the hospital to have your baby and have it in the car?  Or did you get your placenta ripped out???  This is the first story from LaToya and I will have another one from her in a couple more days... a completely better experience the 2nd time around!  :)

My first pregnancy was very exciting and exhausting. I was sick from the start almost to the finish. I was always thirsty and rarely hungry. When I was hungry it was for Taco Bell and KFC. It was a good day if I managed to get half a meal down. When I hit about month 5.5 things turned around and I was able to eat anything I wanted and what I wanted was oatmeal raisin cookies and Hagen Daas Strawberry ice cream. For the first few months of my pregnancy I was in a new state, thousands of miles away from my family and struggling with adjusting to life as a married woman and being in a new state. The doctor that I had was a student and I did not like her at all. She was insensitive and rude to me especially when treating my HPV.

At the end of three months I finally moved back home (without my husband, but that is a story for another day). My mom got me back into good health and I started seeing my old OB/GYN. In the beginning I knew that I wanted a natural birth, so that’s what the plan was. I spent hours looking over websites and books while working on my birth plan that was ultimately 3 pages long. A little excessive I realize now. Really I could’ve summed it up in once sentence: I want to be left alone until I tell you otherwise. My baby was healthy, he was a boy, and I was gaining and gaining and gaining. Pre-pregnancy I was 98 pounds and by the end I gained 63 pounds! I found a woman that was in need of one more teaching class of the Bradley method. And we worked out a deal so that allowed her to finish her certification and me to gain valuable knowledge through that birthing class. I took the class alone.

Everything was going along great until the day came for my hospital tour. I reluctantly set the date and waited for it to arrive. It was the last thing I needed to do to get ready for the baby. That and pack the
bag that I was avoiding. One the appointed day I drove to the hospital alone and got on the elevator. Labor and Delivery was on the 4th floor but I never made it that far. I had a panic attack as soon as the
doors closed and went home. The next day I transferred to a local birthing center.

I LOVED my midwife and her nurses. It was such a wonderful place and exactly what I needed. I didn’t need a birth plan because we talked at every appointment about what I wanted and didn’t want. I went into labor on a Monday morning and 5 hours later I had a beautiful healthy baby boy. But it really isn’t that simple. My son was born in the car on the way to the birth center. I’m still not sure how in 5 hours we didn’t manage to get to the birthing center that was 45 minutes away by we didn’t. My son was born in the car (after about 10 minutes and 5 pushes) into the arms of a stranger EMT with me on my hand and knees with my rear end hanging out the door. He was very quiet. He didn’t cry for the first 3 months of his life. The only sound he made in the EMT’s hands was a small sigh just to let him knowthat he was ok.

The aftermath of the birth is a bit of a blur and full of unhappy memories for me. I didn’t hold my son until he was almost an hour old. We were taken to a nearby hospital by ambulance, and they wouldn’t let me hold him in the ambulance. When we got to the hospital some nurse took him away to do whatever it is that they do to babies when they are born (most of which I was adamantly against)bathed and then put under a light to warm up. The medwife that attended me was rude. She actually
yelled at me at one point then reached in and pulled my placenta out. (BIG NO-NO) Then she ordered some drug that I was given without my consent because I was “hysterical”. I finally got to hold my baby
when I walked over to the lamp and just picked him up. I figured that if he needed to be warm that body heat, breast milk and a blanket would do the trick.

He weight 7.5 pound when he was born. I remember demanding that he be re-weighed because after gaining 63 pounds there was no way he only weighed 7 pounds! In the end we stayed in the hospital just long enough for me to get annoyed and then we went home. My son was here and he was
beautiful. It was truly love at first sight. When I held him in the hospital it was truly love at first sight. The room went completely silent and it was like we were the only two people in the world. I couldn’t wait to do it again.

Go visit her at her site too:
Christian Momma


Anonymous said…
Congratulations! and welcome to the world LaToya, we've been waiting for you. Hello, I'm your newest follower from the blog hop and I hope you'll come visit and follow me too. I'd like being one of your blogging buddies and hearing report of LaToya's milestones and adventures in the coming weeks and months okay? Happy Friday!
Actually the mom's name is LaToya. :)
Anonymous said…
Thanks for allowing me to share my story with your readers. If anyone is interested in a more blow by blow account of the birth it can be found here:
Melissa said…
WOW! What a story! I'm glad that he was ok. I'll go check out her site:) Following you through the Surfin' Saturday Blog Hop! Hope you have an awesome weekend:)

Come see me at:
Yep and feel free to read a more detailed version on her site here:
Unknown said…
Congratulations! I'm so glad everything ended up ok in the end!!!! That love at first sight is the best moment in the world!!!!

I am a new follower from the Spotlight Saturday blog hop and would love it if you could follow me back! I hope you have a Super Saturday!

Kel said…
LaToya, Thanks for sharing your story. Amazing!

Praises from a Wife and Mommy ~ Thanks so much for joining our Spotlight Saturday Blog Hop! I'm following you back.

doreen said…
What a story! I am so glad you are both healthy. I had my 3rd child in the the hospital parking lot. The chord was wrapped around her neck 3 x. I have no idea how I knew what to do but I carefully unravelled the chord as my husband and a hospital attendant ran around the car screaming. My daughter was healthy. I needed some surgery for some internal tearing. 30 years later that baby works in the building that used to be the hospital. She parks in the spot where she was born.
I am a new visitor and follower via Spotlight Saturday.

What an experience you had. I would love to share your story on my blog if you wanted to share it. Just message me here or send me an email at


Praise of a Wife and Mommy

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