Toddler Talk Thursday

This weeks topic:
Toddler Snacks – Share your favorites & your Toddler’s favorites!

My daughter is not a toddler anymore I consider her 3.5 years as preschool but still want to participate! :) 

Right now my daughter is loving apples and peanut butter! :) I think last week she had it every day!
Other snacks she enjoys include: cheeze its, or any cracker, cheese, yogurt, fruit snacks. 

My favorite snacks...hmmm  I enjoy all fruit, string cheese, ice cream, cereal.  

A topic for next week???  How does my toddler try to be a big helper?  


Tammy said…
My oldest loves apples & peanut butter, too. Tasty!!

But my youngest is allergic to peanut butter.. oy!

New follower from TTT! :)
Tara said…
My kids love yogurt, cheese and crackers too. Sometimes I get tired of handing out snacks all day - but I know they have tiny tummies!
A Restful Place said…
You're newest follower! I really enjoyed reading your blog! Come on over if you want! : )
My 19 year old loves little packages of raisins, fruit snacks, any crackers, and mandarin oj's. She's somewhat addicted : )
CJR said…
OH yeah... apples! I love them too. I haven't been giving Eli peanut butter too much because of potential allergies.... is that crazy? She has had peanut butter, just not too much.
CJR @ The Mommy Blog
I think if you have given a lil peanut butter and there was no reaction you should be safe to give more peanut butter. There is not nut allergies in the family so I was not confused.
Sippy Cup Mom said…
I wish my son would eat peanut butter! Can you believe he doesn't like it?
New follower from ttt. I like peanut butter and apples too, my guy likes just the apples.

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