uggg...not feeling well! Could this be part of labor?

Last night I was at youth group (hubby is the youth pastor) and I started to get nauseous and my back was really hurting.   My back has been hurting in the evenings for a few days so it seemed normal.  Throughout the night I felt like I might throw up and my back hurt more.  I woke up and still felt icky and my hubby let me sleep in.  I still had a tummy ache that sent me to the bathroom.

I called my doctor and she advised me that my body is getting ready for the big day and to get rest today and drink fluids.

My back started to feel better through today but I still have a tummy ache off and on and the back ache is returning again.  I also feel extremely tired.  I slept till almost 10am and then took a nap from 12-2.  It is not even 8pm and I am ready for bed.

Pray for me to feel better and for baby to come soon! :)



Holly said…
Hope you are better soon and get to meet that precious baby soon too!
A Restful Place said…
Will be praying for you and hope you get rest before your precious baby is born! God bless you!
DramaMama said…
Is the pain going up your back, like to your head? Please go in - I had that and it was part of pre-eclampsia and I went early! I know that is not likely the case w/you, but if you feel something is wrong, please don't ignore it! I care about you and will be praying for all of you =)
DramaMama, no the pain is not going to my head. I did answer a lot of questions over the phone and at this point I dont think we are worried about preclampsia.

THANKS for the prayers! :)
Rebecca said…
I’m a new follower from Friendly Friday!

Congratulations on your soon to be new addition to your family!

Please stop by and check out my blog, Becca's Perspective
when you get a chance.

Becca's Perspective
Marissa said…
oh goodness, labor coming soon?! Exciting! Found your blog from the hop and now following! Love your layout pics...just a precious family :)

Would love for you to stop by my blogs if ya get a chance!

Feel better soon!
Andie said…
I don't miss the waiting part of pregnancy, but i loved the rest! Praying for a safe, beautiful birth for you!

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