Were you successful at naturally inducing labor?

I still have plenty of time before my due date but just curious if any natural method helped you go into labor.

Such as:

-Spicy food
-nipple massage

What other things did you try?


Savannah said…
I've tried nipple massage before...don't really know if it worked though..supposedly sex can help cause the sperm can help soften the cervix or something..and walking maybe helps because it can help baby move lower down..but i think the majority of it is, a person is full term and baby is ready...and they just HAPPENED to have been doing whatever "labour trick" at the time..eating spicy food won't do anything but give you heartburn if baby isn't ready to come lol...only thing to AVOID is castor oil..some ppl swear by it..but it works by causing you to poop a lot..which dehydrates you and that can cause labour..not exactly a healthy way..plus, since baby is getting the castor oil too, it can cause baby to poop in utero..which can cause pnuemonia if baby inhales the meconium..which can cause death (just had to put that in there cause it's such a "popular" suggestion but most ppl don't know the risks
Anonymous said…
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Yep, would never ever do the castor oil thing! ICKY!
Anonymous said…
Thanks for following my blog! I'm your newest follower :) In response to your question, I tried walking & nipple stimulation and neither worked! It did make my contractions start but they were all over the place for 3 days until the real deal started!
Monica said…
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shannon said…
I had a csection with my daughter.

I am now following you.

Cyn said…
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In answer to your question -- nipple massage all the way!
Jamie said…
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Yes, well at least I think we were. Sex, Walking, Sex, Walking, Sex and Walking. I also drank Rasperry leaf tea from 30 weeks on and this was supposed to help naturally induce and strengthen the uterus to help contractions be more efficient.
Sleppery said…
I tried all of it except for spicy foods. I can't handle the 'ow' in my mouth on those x.x lol My water broke and they still had to induce because nothing was happening >.0
Patricia said…
I induced both of my labours with a massage in the abortion reflex points (not sure how to say it in english maybe acupressure). The first labour started 1h after the massage and the second took longer 1 day due to all the drugs I took at the 30 week to stop an early labour. But it worked 100%.
It was safe and awesome

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