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A-Z about me!

Saw this and thought it would be fun!

(A)- Age: 26 but 27 before the month is over

(B) - Bed Size: Queen... kinda want a king

(C)- Chore I hate doing: LAUNDRY... at least folding and putting away.

(D)- Dogs: I miss my Izzy boy!! I mean look how cute he is... I love beagles! 

(E)- Essential Start Your Day Item: Cuddles from my daughter and breakfast

(F)- Favorite color: Blue and yellow

(G)- Gold or Silver: Silver

(H)- Height: SHORT under 5 feet

(I)-Instruments i used to play clarinet

(J)- Job Title: Mommy/ teacher

(K)- Kids: Sealh 3 and baby boy arriving any day now. 

(L)- Live: Wisconsin

(M)- Mom's name: Bette

(N)- Nickname: Apes, Nordy, Shorty

(O)- Overnight Hospital Stays: Only when giving birth

(P)- Pet Peeve: When people use the word LIKE a million times in a sentence.

(Q)- Quote From A Movie: hmmm... not good at thinking of one on the spot

(R)- Right or Left Handed: Right

(S)- Siblings: 1 brother and 1 sister

(T)- Time I Wake Up: Around 7 am

(U)-Underwear: yes everyday 

(V)- Vegetable I Dislike: Asparagus 

(W)-What Makes Me Run Late: Usually my hubby!

(X)-X-rays That I Have Had: Chest xrays when younger to check for pneumonia, teeth. 

(Y)- Yummy Food I Make: Sweet and Sour Chicken Bake

(Z)-Zoo Favorite Animal: It used to be tigers, but now that my daughter is fascinated with Giraffes I love to watch the giraffes and her.  :) 


K.M. said…
Love it :)
Dropping by to award you the Stylish Blogger Award! You can pick it up here...

Let me know if you accept!
Well done! I have an urge to say, "Like." I looked for, like, your email address to respond to your comment in my blog, but, like, I can't find one!
Margaret- Your to funny! I am glad I was reading that instead of hearing it or I would have covered my ears. LOL



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