6 Word Saturday

Lord, please heal my achy body.  


Kimmy said…
The Lord is definitely the healer!! Hopefully he will ease your pain!!

Stopping by from SWS!

PS...love your layout!! Beautiful photos!
chrisd said…
Hope you feel better. I agree with Kimmy too!
Linda said…
My hubby and I have prayed that kind of pray many times! *smile* Sometimes He makes us better...and some times He says...My grace is sufficient for your need!

I love the praying hands on your blog header!

Prayer is a direct line to God...and such a blessed priviledge!

Take Care!

Call Me Cate said…
I hope you're feeling relief by now. An achy body is a lousy way to spend the weekend.

Thanks for playing 6WS!
Opal Stevens said…
I'm your newest follower :)!

Stefanie Brown said…
Found you through A Mommy's Sweet Blog Design Hop. I'm your newest follower. Hope you'll follow back.
Have a blessed weekend!
I am a new GFC follower. Will you please visit my blog and follow me back? Thank you for your time.

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