I am curious????

What is your favorite Diaper brand?

Parents Choice
Cloth-what brand of cloth

With my daughter I bought a lot of Parents choice but with Lil Titus I am loving Pampers and I have gotten really good deals on Amazon and Walgreens!  This week I will be going to Target to get a good deal on diapers too!  :)  YAY!  


Katie said…
We liked Target brand with my daughter.
I really stuck with Pampers and Huggies over the past 2 years, but a few times bought Walgreens brand. I liked them. They run a little smaller and my guy was/is a skinny one. I tried Parents Choice and just felt they were really cardboardy and leaked. I didn't try them too many times because I didn't want to waste my $, but maybe they are better now. Especially if you are breastfeeding you don't want that leaking out! I recently tried the Roundy's store brand of their pull ups. I liked them. Never tried their diapers, though. I think Luvs diapers are so so. Better than the Walmart ones. Target's diapers were fine too. So in order I buy/bought Pampers, Huggies, Walgreens, then Luvs/Target. I do buy quite a bit of diapers from Amazon when I get those coupon codes paired with the Amazon Mom promos. I do notice it's easier to find a better deal through chain stores with Jumbo size packs and not the big boxes. I have read on diaper forums that .10/diaper is a stock up price and obviously that will change the bigger the size you go up. I cannot get .10 for my size 4's. Unless I have Amazon gift cards from swagbucks or groupon/living social deals combined with other deals. :) HTH

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