Grunting baby

So it seems like I have a little grunter.  My 2.5 week old baby boy seems to get hiccups all the time which lead him to being fussy and cranky.  What can I do to prevent them?

It gets very frustrating in the middle of the night!


Savannah said…
My new little one is a major grunter and hiccuper too..he gets really uncomfy at night cause he doesn't burp well, especially when he's sleepy it seems..unfortunately, I don't really know what to suggest to help...I know lots of people are against this, but I've been putting him to sleep on his tummy since he was just a few days old..the pressure on his belly helps him burp..i did this with my daughter too; she was the same way..but I don't want to suggest you try it unless you're totally ok with it. You can old try burping him mid-feed, see if that helps keep him comfy and calm, and less likely to gulp and get hiccups
I have several friends who have mentioned allowing them to sleep on their belly. I am not going to try it... it makes me really uncomfortable.

I am going to try to burp him more often!!

Last night was a good night. :) I was extremely happy about it! :)
Savannah said…
are you eating foods that might cause him gas? tomato-y stuff, spicy things, veggies like cauliflower or broccoli?
No I have been trying really hard to avoid the gassy foods!

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