Hormones? Breastfeeding? What's the deal?

So baby is 16 days old and it seems that each night as I am sleeping or even when I am napping I wake up covered in sweat!  GROSS!  There have been several times where I have had to change my clothes.  Even last night I had to change my pants I was so saturated with sweat!  NASTY!  

Is this just my body healing?  Is it my hormones trying to balance out?  Is it still part of the breast feeding issues?  

Here's to praying I can sleep without waking up in nasty sweat!  


Mama this is totally normal and to be expected!

Happened with both my babies, too.

It's just your body's natural way of expelling out all the extra fluid that your body has retained since pregnancy!

It will get better very soon!

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