I called the lactation counselor today...

So on Sunday and Monday I was complaining about a blocked duct.  I worked it out so I thought but the last two days my milk supply on that side has been so low and baby was having a hard time latching on.  It was so frustrating.

Did anyone have lower milk production after a block?

The lactation counselor said it is normal after having a blocked duct.   She said to keep having baby nurse and to keep pumping.

I also was gifted some all natural tea that helps promote good milk supply!  :)  It kinda tastes like black licorice.


Sarah Lynne said…
I had a problem after my first son. It took a couple days, but a lot of pumping made things much better. Then I became blocked again!! It was stressful but worth it for my son. Good luck!! I wish you the best.
Lori said…
I am so proud that you decided to call someone. It just makes you feel so much better!!! Hope you are having a good day!!
Blessings, Lori

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