My daughter's prayer tonight...

So I thought it was so adorable and silly.  We bought the movie Tangled this week and my daughter has already watched it about 4 times... I know that is a bit much but lets be realistic here... I have a new baby so the tv was on a bit more then usual.

So tonight before bed we were doing our prayers and she has a little cold and all day I have been telling her to claim her healing from Jesus.  Instead of praying for healing at bed time she said "Jesus heal my hair and make it really long."  LOL... my husband got a smile on his face and said "Jesus thank you for healing Selah of her cough, please remind her how beautiful her hair is already and if its your will you can make it longer for her as it is a desire of her heart."  So we will have some more talking to do about it tomorrow!  :)

I love my family!  My daughter is so adorable with how her thinking works.  :)


Karen Mortensen said…
That's okay. When my mom was pregnant with my little brother, I prayed for a beetle brother. (this was in 1965)

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