My lil ballerina... oh so cute

So  my 3 year old daughter had her pictures taken today for dance.  She is the youngest in her class and I know come recital day we will be the parents of the child who is not doing the routine but doing her own act. LOL... it will still be adorable!  She got to wear make up for the first time... I am not big on that but it was so fun to see her get excited for it! :)

Here she is in her little tutu and pretty hair and make up:


Lorraine said…
What a great picture! She's beautiful. I'm glad you made the exception for the makeup lol
Jennie said…
Super cute! I hope you video the recital! Her hair looks very pretty too!
I was planning on video taping the recital and then the teacher just announced that no one can take pictures or video of it but can purchase it from her. I am bummed cause i just want to zoom in on my daughter! oh well
Carolyn said…
Wow, she looks just like you, April!! Amazing.

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