I am sure you have seen service dogs around town.  I imagine it was for a person who is blind???

Did you know that service dogs are not only for people with vision disabilities??  Service dogs now help people who suffer from multiple different things such as seizure disorders and even autism.

My friend has a 2.5 year old who has autism and her family is looking to raise funds to cover the cost of training the dog to be her service dog.

Please consider helping them reach the $9000 goal by getting a magazine subscription, restaurant gift cards, or even buy some yummy cookie dough.  CLICK HERE


In June of 2009, PAWS began a two-year pilot program for families living with Autism. The Service Dogs for Children with Autism program at PAWS places highly-skilled Service Dogs with children with Autism. The program's goals include having the dog help with social interactions and relationships; help with verbal and nonverbal communications; help increase a child's interest in activities or play; and help decrease overall stress within the family and home life.
To children with Autism, everyone, everywhere and everything is 'outside' of their world. Dogs can break into this world by always being there when they are needed by the child; dogs don't pass judgment on a child, like humans tend to do. By nature, the dog does not care that the child has Autism; they only care that they are a part of the child's life.
The Service Dog can facilitate hand/eye coordination. Socially interacting with their Service Dog allows for the children to have a friend - this often eludes children with Autism, as they typically lack the necessary social skills to participate in group activities or social outings.
The Service Dog can be vital in teaching the child life skills. The child learns to comb and brush the hair on the dog and they, in turn, learn to do it for themselves. The same things can be done with brushing their teeth, bathing and getting dressed.

As you can see there are many benefits to a service dog.  If you have any other ideas to fundraise please leave me a comment.  Please keep this family in your prayers for the money goal to be reached by December!

CLICK HERE TO HELP... or even spread the word!


Anonymous said…
Wow, dogs have so many wonderful aspects, I am going to pass this information along, I have a nephew with Autism. Thanks for sharing this post....
Jennie said…
You are wonderful!! Thank you! :)
Bethe77 said…
Yes! Service dogs have so many things they can help those with health issues. being I work with the Seniors and Disabled I have been very aware of these awesome dogs and pets. They bring them a life style they wouldnt have otherwise. I will be praying this will be able to reach their goal in Jesus name and have this dog they so need.

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