Tuesday night at 9pm on NBC is Parenthood.  I have really enjoyed this show!  :)  If you have not watched it you should go to and check it out!

Last night was a big night with Amber getting in an accident and Haddie having sex.  

SO DO YOU THINK HADDIE is pregnant???  I dont think so... and why was her dad digging in the garbage.  

I am waiting in anticipation for next week.  

How many more episodes do we get before the season finale?  

Let me know your thoughts!!  


dani84m said…
I'm a new follower from cup of Joe Thursday. I think it's the mom that's pregnant.
I think it is mom too!! I hope it is cause I really dont want to see tv show teen pregnancy junk.
Anonymous said…
I normally don’t get a chance to watch Parenthood on TV all that much and I’m glad people like me have other options. A benefit to being a DISH Network customer and employee is that I can watch thousands of titles for free at, this includes Parenthood!

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