So I am wondering if anyone has had any issues like this:

Yesterday I went to buy the Pamper's diapers I had $2 off WAG coupon and 1.50 Manufactures coupon. So I used 2 coupons for the one item and then it did not print the Register Rewards.  

I battled with the manager for awhile and she ended up just refunding me money in the amount of what I should have gotten in register rewards rather then the actual register rewards.  


Madeline said…
It's the coupons. If the manufacturer coupon you had was issued by the same company that issues the RR (not all are issued by Walgreens) than you may have issues with the RR printing.. It's not the fault of the individual stores, it's a corporate issue.

THANKS! So does that mean it is an issue and we should be cautious to make sure we get our rewards or should I be aware I might not get them?
I saw that the mfr. coupon was a Walgreens one and I was leary about using it toward this week's Pampers deal. They may be getting more into printing RR (even, though the Pampers one wasn't really a real RR.) like this in the future to prevent 'rolling' it into other RR deals. My guess is if you tried this again using a different RR (say the free Colgate toothpaste one from last week) it would have printed you out a RR. I always use mfr. coupons for the product I'm buying when I receive my RR and have not ever had issues, but since this was a Walgreens mfr. coupon it may be goofy. If you weren't aware before make a note to not use the same campany's RR on another purchase of the same thing or even the same brand. Like for example any Kimberly Clark product (Kleenex, Huggies, etc.). I didn't understand that part at first. And now I do lol. You might have already known that part. So I guess in the future treat these types of coupons like RR and we'll know not to use them on the same company's products. Blah! I now know not to use this coupon for this week's deal. At least you got some $ back.

AHHH So confusing... still learning!

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