Colic last night...

So for about an hour Titus was so unhappy and crying.  It was tough!  My husband was a good help and got him to stop crying and fall asleep.  We are pretty sure he was gassy.  He was only comfortable in my hubby's arms laying on his tummy.  I just pray he does not become colicy on a daily basis!  I know many parents who have had to deal with a cranky baby daily.


Holly said…
My little one had colic and would scream nearly all night. I found something called Gripe water. It's all natural. I bought it at Walgreens or Babies R Us. I put a dose in every bottle and it was like a miracle drug! Good luck.
dani84m said…
gripe water didnt work real well for me. I have heard Colic Calm works, you can find it on Amazon

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