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Thank-You Practical Parenting for the Tips on Teaching Kids to follow directions!

Here are a few of the highlights I loved:

1. Avoid reasoning: Children under the age of 6 have little understanding of abstract consequences.  Telling your daughter to put her toys away because she might trip and hurt herself has little meaning.  If it didn’t happen already, why would it?
     This tip is great for me since I am always trying to reason and it is a great reminder that she might not have the understanding. 

2. Avoid yelling: Believe me, I know, sometimes this is easier said than done.  Parents can easily get caught up in a cycle of repeating the same command in a louder and louder voice until they find themselves having an adult temper tantrum.  Your child will quickly learn to wait to perform the task when the yelling starts.
     Ah Hello... This make sense but yet I catch myself raising my voice all the time!!!  GOT TO REMEMBER THIS!!!

3. Be precise: As I’ve mentioned once or twice, toddlers and preschoolers tend to be very literal thinkers.  Tell them exactly what to do. Instead of “pick up your toys” (which can seem an overwhelming task at 5pm in my house), try “please put all of the balls in the ball basket.  Specifics will get you everywhere with this crowd!
    This is a great tip and I recently started doing this.  I will tell Selah "put your books on the book shelf" and "put your play food in your kitchen."  She can easily do that task compared to go clean your room when she has  no idea where to start and easily gets distracted with playing.  

There are several other great tips on her site.  CLICK HERE to go read more!  


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