Things I need as a mommy!

First thing I loved during my pregnancy was my belly band!  I also use it now a few weeks after my pregnancy!  :) 

An ice pack for my tummy since I had a c section. 
Right after baby was born I used this several times  a day! 
A medela breast pump!!  THIS IS THE BEST PUMP EVER!
Moby wrap.  I use it to go on walks, to get things done around the house. LIFE SAVER!! 

A bouncy seat.  Mine has a vibrate button and it soothes lil man a lot!

Nursing Cover to keep my goods covered. 

What are the things you could not live without as a mommy.  


I am your newest stalker! I love most of the items on this post. Being a mommy comes with some of the coolest tools, you know? :D

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Unknown said…
For me its a heating pad for after my csection, A swing, pampers diapers, loose sleep gowns, Onsies with built in mitts:)
I am your newest follower from the hop and would love a follow back at
Marni... I went to your directory today! :)

Mizzreviewlady- i love the built in mitts on baby clothes!

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