Tonights prayers with my 3 year old...

We pray every night with my daughter and my heart melts every time I hear her pray for me, her dad, and her brother.  She has such a genuine spirit and a heart of passion for prayer.  AMEN!  I pray in continues to grow and grow her hunger and thirst to pray and communicate with our Heavenly Father! 

Today we were at a wedding so Anthony and I both were praying that the newlyweds would be blessed and that they would continue to put Christ in the center of their relationship.  :)  My husband went on to pray for Selah's future husband and then Selah in her adorable 3 year old voice said "Yes LORD" (not just once but 3 times!)  I loved it!  So I think she is very excited to get married some day! :)  Lord, please don't let her grow up to fast though... and help Anthony and I to cherish every minute of raising her!   

Teaching my daughter how to pray and the power of prayer is so important to me but important for her.  Another thing I have done is have her pray for any ouchies she gets but more importantly laying her hands to pray for us when we are not feeling well and even stepping out in faith and praying for her friends.  I took her to the hospital one day when one of her friends had to have surgery.  We got to her hospital room and it was such a highlight for me to listen and let my daughter lay her hands on her friend and claim healing and a speedy recovery for her friend.  GOD IS GOOD ALL THE TIME!  I love the fact that when she has a scrape heal or a runny nose disappear she will say "Jesus healed me!" :)  She is getting it!  

How do you teach your kids the power of prayer?  


Holly said…
Isn't that the best feeling in the world? My little one prays too when she gets hurt and will watch until the boo-boo goes away and then happily tell everyone that Jesus took it away. I love the pure innocence of a sweet child. Sounds like you are doing a wonderful job. Hope you have a great holiday weekend!
Kelly L said…
Getting the word out.. still and again for Haley - today she is in the hospital receiving yet again another blood transfusion - She needs a bone marrow transplant - Please go to her Facebook page and like it - if you can donate - Please say "I want to donate" and I will contact you with all you need. thank you - Kelly
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Unknown said…
wow this is beautiful. you are such an inspiration to me. my boys are very young (2 months and 21 months) but I have not yet begun to teach the oldest to say his prayers. i do believe that i need to strengthen my own relationship with God before attempting this... thanks for your great blog :)
Hey Heather-
I will be praying for you and your walk with the LORD. One book I just started reading that has some prayer prompts for praying for our kids and with our kids is called "Night Light" By James Dobson. I really am enjoying this book a lot. My hubby and I read it every night.

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