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Will my missing blogger posts come back???

I am missing atleast 2 of my posts with the whole blogger site being down.  I wrote a really great post on marriage and do not want it lost forever.  I HOPE it comes back!!!  Anything I can do to get it back??


K said…
I'm wondering the same thing. Where are our missing posts?! Hopefully they will show back up soon.
Unknown said…
They aren't coming back. They had to delete post because of one of the technical screw ups. One of their gadgets messed something up in the maintenance Wednesday night, so we pay for it. Sorry love, better re-write those posts if you want them back.
Unknown said…
I have no idea :0( I'm sorry. I am sure God will help you write it again.
Unknown said…
Guess what I found from my email subscriptions!

I was in one of my devo times and was reading on youversion's active word study. The title for the day was An Honorable Institution. It started of talking about GOD's view of marriage. It got me thinking a lot. Do I view marriage the way God does? Do you? God views marriage as honorable. So what does honorable really mean?? The study found the original Greek language for honorable and the word used was timios, which means to hold in high esteem or to highly respect something. :) VERY COOL right?? Well it gets even better... The same word timios is used to describe the gemstones that adorn the very foundation of heaven described in Revelation 21:19:
The foundations of the city walls were decorated with every kind of PRECIOUS stone. The first foundation was jasper, the second sapphire, the third agate, the fourth emerald,

NOT ONLY that but its the same word Peter used to describe Christ's redeeming blood in 1 peter 1:19:
but with the PRECIOUS blood of Christ, a lamb without blemish or defect.

So we compare gemstones of heaven and Christ's redeeming blood with marriage! MARRIAGE is something so important in God's eyes. WHAT A GIFT from him! So I was thinking do I apply a similar value to my marriage as I do with CHRIST's Blood??? (Just to clarify, Christs blood is UNPARALLELED and without rival. The fact is that Christ and marriage both must fit into the same category of priority called "more important than me.") I think God holds more value and honor in my marriage then I do, which is a good start! LORD help me to value my marriage more and to hold it in high esteem and to highly respect it! IT is a blessing from you and it is precious (timios)!!!!!

So even today at the park a friend was telling me how nasty it was to hear two ladies belittling their husbands... WIVES don't do this! BUILD UP YOUR MAN! One thing I have been doing is praying praying praying for my husband!" yay. You didn't lose it :0)
Unknown said…
Great marriage post by the way.
Denise said…
New public follower here. I saw you on Hoppin Weekend. I will follow you in twitter and like you in facebook if you are there too, just let me know. I hope you will follow me back. Here are my links: and @DeniseLillaRose : )

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