Big Boy in his crib... bye bye bassinet

Well, Titus is almost 12 weeks old!  Where did the time go???  Titus is growing up so fast but I want him to stay little longer!    

My hubby got the crib all set up when we were out of town so when we returned home last night Titus was able to sleep in his new bedroom and new crib.  He shares a room with his sister so I was a little concerned about how it would all work out.  

Well Titus woke up 2 times and ate and went back to sleep and his sister did not wake up at all!!!  YAY! Praying it will go smoothly each night!  I like that fact that Selah is super excited that he is in her room.  

This afternoon it was a bit more of a challenge.  Selah has been able to go in and out of her room as often as she wants but I had to keep reminding her that her brother was taking a nap and she could not go in her room.  "BUT MOM that's my room."  So it is a little tough but it will all work out.  


Unknown said…
That is wonderful! It's great when they are finally in their own room :) Alex and Andrew are kept separated during nap time, though. Andrew is the same as Selah with being able to go in/out of the room to play... So for now Alex sleeps in his little vibrating seat in our room or the living room. Hopefully by the end of the summer they will be together for nap time. Good luck to you!

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