Do your kids share a bedroom?

Currently we are living in a 2 bedroom place and my daughter is 3.5 years old and has always had her own room.  We now have a 2 month old and pretty soon he will be out of his bassinet and we will sharing his sister's bedroom.

Do you have your kids sharing rooms?  Even opposite genders?  At what age do you think they need there own space?

I remember growing up and I shared a room with my sister for many years.  It was harder for her once she hit puberty.  I even remember when she got her period and even though I did not know what exactly it meant I remember teasing her and being a mean younger sister.  It is no wonder she wanted to move to the basement as soon as my brother was out of the house.  Even though I remember being a pest I do remember having many fond memories too.  I remember playing with our barbies, talking in the night, waking up early on Christmas morning, having her look down from the top bunk and make me giggle, and so many more.

I am a little nervous that Titus will wake Selah up when he wakes up for his middle of the night feedings.  Hmmm... what can a parent do if that happens?  I also know that hubby and I are going to have to take some day to reorganize and go through Selah's room and get rid of a few things and think about where the crib will fit best.  I know we can make it work!

I would love to hear your thoughts on shared bedrooms!  Any advice?  I was also reading a similar blog post on baby center: CLICK HERE to read it.


Unknown said…
My 3 shared a bedroom. 18 months between each of them. They learn too sleep through the noises/ go back to sleep on their own. And that is a good thing.

I shared a room with my brother for a few years. we are 7.5 yrs apart. I forget when my mom moved me to a room of my own (they made in the basement- not fun). I think when they are old enough to want their privacy. Some kids are aware of their gender privacy needs at older ages and some at younger.
Unknown said…
Go for it! You and I both have 2 month olds so I can understand the worries involved. But, your oldest is much older than Andrew - he's 21 months. We had them sharing a room beginning this week in fact. It has been great. 2 nights ago Andrew was woken up by Alex, but he quickly went back to sleep. But then last night Alex slept through Andrew crying. We keep the house as noisy as possibly during the day so Alex must be used to it. Andrew is figuring it out.

I think that your 3 year old will LOVE it!! Get her to help out with making a spot for her new roomie! Just make sure that she knows not to mess with the little guy when he's sleeping and you'll be good to go. Wish you the best!!

I think you read some of this already - but here's our updates on the shared bedroom :)
Miranda said…
Timely post, I am being induced with #2 tomorrow morning (a little boy) and our first- a girl is 18 months old. We also have just 2 bedrooms. Since we co-sleep he will be with us for a while anyway but eventually they will share and I am looking forward to it and a bit apprehensive at the same time. But like you I want to approach it with a good attitude and pray things go well. Who knows maybe it will be better as Grace really doesn't like sleeping in her room alone!

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