Gum in her hair tonight

My daughter has always done very well with chewing gum.  She has never ever gotten gum in her hair before but tonight her hair was down (not in a pony) and she was chewing her gum but then she put some of her hair in her mouth with the gum!  It was a mess as you can see in the photos.

The icky mess...

The method of choice!

The outcome:

There are several ways to get gum out of your hair.  Tonight I tried the Vegtable Oil with a comb.  IT WORKED GREAT!  

Have you had to get gum out of hair?  What method worked for you?

Here are some other methods to try:
Peanut Butter
Hair Mousse
Mouth wash
Hand Lotion

There is a long list of ways to do try.  I wanted to do something that did not require me to throw her back into the bathtub to wash her hair.  I only used a little bit of oil so I did not need to get her hair cleaned right away since we were minutes from heading out the door for church.  


Oh so sad! I have been there. My poor daughter has such thin hair to begin with--uhg.
Bethe77 said…
I have tried several of them. Raised three girls that loved gum. There is a traveling story about gum and we call it the national lampoon vacation story and it has a really gummy story in it. To funny too.

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